CruzFit Partners With Monster Energy, Launches Sportstyle Jersey

The process of bringing CruzFit into life is a feat in itself already. But to sustain a brand and a business at this time of pandemic is another accomplishment. Most of the businesses either take a pause or close up because of the situation. As Covid-19 cases are rising up again and with the delta variant circulating, we are about to experience another round of lockdown which would definitely affect our business. But for CruzFit, it would be the opposite.

Business for CruzFit was thriving despite all odds. They were able to achieve a milestone that other businesses would normally achieve in a year or more. Brand awareness for CruzFit reached the target customers faster than expected. Furthermore, sales have been stabilized at a level the brand wanted it to be. They will continue to push further, move forward, get better and stronger.

CruzFit will continue to deliver success and greatness to combat struggles and manage to rise to any challenges. They will level up when others gave up and settled for less. They will live up to the essence of being committed to be better.

CruzFit Monster Energy partnership

They will dominate the industry and will continue to work up to the ultimate goal of being able to provide the best local sports apparel whether it be for actual sports & fitness or for lifestyle. And they are very proud that Monster Energy will power CruzFit up to a higher level.

CruzFit will PUSH and never give up!- MonsterMentality.

As a symbol of the partnership, Cruzfit is launching the Cruzfit Sportstyle Jersey powered by Monster Energy.


Since the pandemic in 2020 began, we’ve been in the lookout for possible collaborations with partners who think alike. The brands who carry the same attitude and commitment everyday. The brands who deliver success and greatness to combat struggles and manage to rise to any challenges. The brands who live up to their essence and make sure to carry out a solid mission. We are proud to say that the CruzFit brand captures these perfectly with each squad members’ self-commitment to push and never give up; a #MonsterMentality.

CruzFit Monster Energy partnership

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