Women’s Football: A Game of Their Own

The five team captains in Gridiron West Women's League, with Rhyanna Edbrooke in the centre.(Supplied: Angelo Di Carlo) via www.abc.net.au
November 1, 2021

Over the long weekend, I came across a Sports Illustrated Daily Cover article, “How One Women’s Football Team Took Control Away From the Men” by Britni de la Cretaz and Lyndsey D’Arcangelo. As I was doing my research on women’s American Football, there’s a lot of history behind the effort to establish women’s American Football.


50 years of Coaching Excellence

Coach Dan Pfaff and Vincent Juico
September 28, 2021

As a former Math and Science teacher, Dan Pfaff dealt and taught an abundance of analysis, science, and critical thinking which carried over to almost 50 years of coaching in athletics, specifically track and field.