Is it time for the Lakers to move on from Darvin Ham?

by Henry Liao

Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham is under the radar though it remains to be seen how long he can hold on. It hasn’t been a good season for the purple and gold and here are some notable issues the 50-year-old coach is dealing with.

Rotation Inconsistency

Halfway through the season, the bacon in him still does not know what the team’s DNA is, shuffling players like a deck of cards on a casino table every other game.

To be offensive-minded or defensive-oriented? Ham still does not know. He’s still seeking advice from Tim Cone.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham [photo credit: @darvinhm Instagram]
Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham [photo credit: @darvinhm Instagram]

Player injuries

All teams are dealing with injuries to key players. But look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have prospered despite two starters out for nearly a month.

Does not inspire leadership

Ham’s laid-back attitude from the bench reflects badly on the team. He does not strike fear. It is as if there’s no sense of urgency to get over the hump. He seems content with a 50-50 (win-loss record). The Lakers play at Boston and New York in their next two games.

Should Ham consider leaving the Lakers? Hopefully as early as the NBA All-Star break.

Mike Budenholzer is available. Team executive Rob Pelinka, are you listening?. Maybe Pelinka himself should be held accountable for the Lakers’ woes. He should be active on or before the NBA trade deadline on February 9, 3:00 a.m. (Manila time).

LeBron James, at age 39, is on his last wheels and he badly wants to win now. (So do I at 69.) That in-season tournament triumph by LAL in early December, as it has turned out, is fool’s gold.

Don’t wait till summer or the Lakers would have lost LeBron James by then. LeBron owns a player option worth more than S50 million for 2024-25. If he does not pick up the option by June 30, he becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency, meaning the Lakers could lose him without any compensation.

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