Colorado Buffaloes: Deion Sanders Drops Classy Response To Ducks’ Coach ‘Fighting For Clicks’ jab

Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders [photo credit: Deion Sanders Instagram]
Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders [photo credit: Deion Sanders Instagram]

The Colorado Buffaloes were sent crashing back to reality by the Oregon Ducks, 42-6, on Saturday, September 23. There were no miracles this time around and Buffs coach Deion Sanders offered no excuses.

However, he did respond to the comments of Ducks coach Dan Lanning before the Ducks vs. Buffaloes game.

“The Cinderella story is over, man,” Lanning told his players before the game via USA Today. “They’re fighting for clicks. We’re fighting for wins. There’s a difference, right? There’s a difference. This game ain’t gonna be played in Hollywood. It’s gonna be played on the grass.”

Coach Prime responded humbly to that and chose not to debate about it following the Buffaloes’ humbling loss to the Ducks.

“Yeah, I got messengers,” he said. “God bless him, though, man. He’s a great coach. He did a great job. God bless him. Take their shots. They won. I don’t shoot. They won.”

Deion Sanders Jr. also, coach Prime’s eldest son, responded to detractors on social media.

“We got our ass whooped… Good stuff Oregon,” he posted after the Buffs’ loss. “We’ll NEVER let a loss make us forget who we are. We still gone turn up & we still gone do it our way. So rejoice & take advantage of us while we in this position – I expect nothing less. Just Remember, We gone get up.”

Deion Sanders also said in the aftermath of their blowout loss that he expected his boys to do well but failed to do so. Regardless, he believes this loss is something that his team needs, ESPN reported.

“We expect to do well,” Deion Sanders said. “We just didn’t do it today, but [the loss] wasn’t something that was needed.”

One player who was checked was Shedeur Sanders who was sacked four times in the first half.

“I just can’t continue to take sacks like that,” Shedeur said. “It’s nothing magical they did or surreal. If you don’t execute, you’re going to lose.”

It won’t get any worse than this

In the post-game, Deion Sanders offered no excuses for their loss to the Ducks. However, he did vow that this would be the worst that most would see them on the field, branding it as an old-fashioned butt-kicking.

“One thing I can say honestly and candidly: You better get me right now,” Sanders said. “This is the worst we’re gonna be. You better get me right now.”

Sanders took accountability for the loss and added that he was looking at the bigger picture.

“I know I have on shades, but I can see the future and it looks good,” he stated.

The Ducks will next face Stanford. On the other side, things won’t get easier for Sanders and the Buffaloes when they face USC.

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