Cowboys Owner Has Reserved Take On Deion Sanders NFL Coaching Return, Find Out Why

Deion Sanders has been making waves with the Colorado Buffaloes, especially after their big win over the Colorado State University Rams in their Rocky Mountain showdown this weekend.

It was the third-straight win for the Buffs with Sanders making believers out of many. One of them includes Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones.

Jones was asked about the possibility of seeing Deion Sanders back in the NFL by Jon Machota of The Athletic. However, his comments included some reservations.

Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]
Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]

“He influences people. And of course, that’s part of it in the NFL. But I don’t want to go there because you know where that starts going, every which way,” the 80-year-old stated.

Sanders clears air on possibly NFL coaching job

While it makes sense given the success he has had with college football, Coach Prime cleared the air on any potential NFL coaching stint.

Appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, the 56-year-old explains why NFL coaching won’t work for him and points out the differences between college and NFL football players.

“I love college [football]. I love that the young men are still impressionable, they’re not so financially wealthy that they can’t hear you,” Sanders said via Fox News. “At the next level, some of these guys make so much money they can’t hear – they can’t hear or they can’t see the things that they need to see and hear.”

Sanders went on to say that it would be difficult for him to motivate NFL players, especially the ones who are earning big bucks.

Also, Coach Prime believes that his style may not be tailored for NFL football. Hence at least for now, Deion Sanders is content calling it for the Colorado Buffaloes.

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