Colorado State Rams Football Coach Says Deion Sanders Comments Misleading, Here’s Why

Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]
Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]

Colorado State Rams head coach Jay Norvell shed more light on his controversial comments on Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders earlier this week.

The 60-year-old remarks were believed to be his way of firing up his team. However, Norvell’s remarks on Sanders’ sunglasses and hat also fired up the Buffaloes who are off to a good start this season.

Norvell took a swipe at Sanders, saying he takes his hat and glasses off when he talks to “grown-ups” because that’s what his mother taught him, taking a dig at Coach Prime, USA Today reported.

Sanders did not appreciate those comments, stressing that Norvell and the Rams just made their weekend tiff “personal,” NFL reporter Air Meirov reported.

“It was just gonna be a good game, but they done messed around and made it … PERSONAL,” the 56-year-old coach said.

Only one reporter got it right – Norvell

Rece Davis of ESPN was asked about Norvell’s comments and believed it was meant to fire up the Rams. This appears to be the case with the third-year Colorado State Rams coach responding to it on social media.

“With all the media involved with this game, not one reporter asked me about my comments. One guy got it. I wanted to send a message to our players and how we run our program,” Norvell’s Twitter post caption read.

The Buffaloes won over the Rams, 43-35, improving to 3-0 in an intense game that needed two extra periods to finish.

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