PVL: Tsuzurabara authoring different narrative for Petro Gazz Angels

Petro Gazz Angels coach Koji Tsuzurabara is making sure that his time here in the Philippines will be worth it. So far, he is on the right track, especially after leading the Angels to the PNVF Champions League crown at the expense of the Cignal HD Spikers last February 10.

However, the 59-year-old coach admits that he is using a different kind of approach with the Angels, focusing on bringing out the best in each player he is handling right now.

Petro Gazz coach Koji Tsuzurabara [photo credit: Petro Gazz Angels Facebook]
Petro Gazz coach Koji Tsuzurabara [photo credit: Petro Gazz Angels Facebook]

“There is a basic book. I have other, a special book. This is my style. I must make a special character, the player. So, some player, this position. Some player, this position. That’s in the book,” Coach Tsuzurabara said.

Tsuzurabara says coaching style meant to help players improve

The seasoned international coach further stressed that his style is something that will help his players improve, a transition that some may have to get used to moving forward.

“My volleyball is difficult, [you have to] always use the brain. I demand players to play faster [on both sides]. Players have to use [their] judgment. This is what I demand from them now, this period,” Tsuzurabara said.

The veteran coach also added that in due time, the Angels will reap the benefits of his coaching philosophy and improve individually as players.

“[It is] always mixed so they will improve. They will think [and see] the difference in [my] volleyball idea,” coach Koji added.

Tsuzurabara reveals team philosophy

Above all, Tsuzurabara shares what he always tells his players.

“Teamwork makes a team work. This is what I always tell players, ‘make a team work.’ Make it organized, this is my style,” he added.

After the PNVF Champions League conquest, Tsuzurabara is aware that there is more work to be done. However, he points out the most important thing that the team should not forget.

“Always, we do best and have fun,” he added.

Known for his attention to detail, the approach of coach Koji may be different but a good way to understand his players better. This is the reason why he holds special one-on-one sessions with Angels’ players, something that will help him know them more as a person and bring out the best in them during volleyball matches.

“I have chat time with the players. I want to know their character so I [will] know how to make up the team,” Tsuzurabara explained, hoping to pen a different plot as the Angels set their sights high.

Brian Yalung

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