PSC honors educators in online show

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) supports UNESCO’s celebration of the International Day of Education by dedicating its January 30 episode to teachers and educators, especially those handling Physical Education classes.

PSC Commissioner Celia H. Kiram salutes all educators, teachers, and professors who are giving their best in teaching despite the current virtual learning situation due to the pandemic.

“We all know how important education is in building the character of responsible citizens. Now more than ever, we also recognize the important role played by teachers and educators in handling a generation of students in the time of COVID-19,” said Kiram.

Rise Up! Shape Up, a web series from PSC’s Women in Sports program highlights the value of PE teachers in balancing education, learning, and physical and mental wellness for their students in this episode.

Two highly respected educators in the field of Physical Education and Sports will share their stories on overcoming the challenges of distance learning and their creative ways of teaching in an online mode.

First is Dr. Drolly P. Claravall, who currently serves as City Sports Consultant of Ilagan City, Isabela, and as an associate professor at Isabela State University.

Dr. Claravall also worked as Women in Sports Project Director in 2018 and 2019, and as a Sports Consultant for DepEd Pangasinan II.

Next is Dr. Mary Grace Bulatao who holds a doctorate in Philosophy, major in Educational management, and is currently the MAPEH Department Head of St. Mary’s University in Nueva Vizcaya.

This episode also aims to help women deal with stress through its Women’s Overall Wellness portion.

WOW Segment features Karina Crisostomo, a faculty member of the De La Salle University under the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, handling Personal Effectiveness, Psychology, Assessment of Student Learning, Child and Adolescent Development.

K-Isport on the other hand will share trivia on ancient games played by women such as cuju, footrace, and horserace.

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