Life of a Sports Journalist

The photo above was taken a few years ago, this writer, Coach Karch Kiraly and PSL Chairman Dr. Philip Juico, when, arguably, the greatest men's volleyball player ever, Karch Kiraly, graced our shores to conduct a coaching seminar for PSL coaches and players.
April 12, 2021

As sports journalists, we have a responsibility to our readers, we owe it to them to make sure we have accurate, correct and precise facts, statistics and information before we put our work out there.


Bong, Akiko, Pawie and Jaja : Women of Substance

Jaja Santiago [Photo courtesy of Japan V.League]
April 11, 2021

The deep, powerful presence of legendary bowler Bong Coo, three-time Olympian Akiko Nakamura Thomson-Guevarra, future Navy chief Mary Pauline “Pawie” Fornea and fast-rising volleyball star Alvya Daphne “Jaja” Santiago should be enough for us to think of better days ahead.


Two-sport Athletes

Usain Bolt
April 5, 2021

Where did these guys get the energy to play two sports. Each sport works different parts of the body. I remember Michael Jordan coming out of his first retirement in 1995, reports were saying he was in “baseball shape”, not basketball shape which may have contributed to the Bulls’ demise in the playoffs against the Orlando Magic.