Gary Payton drops truth bomb on LeBron heading to Warriors – ‘LeBron is not going anywhere’

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers may be already 39-years-old although he has proven he can still play at a high level. With the purple and gold hardly taking off, rumors are now swirling that the 4-time NBA champion could jump ship and join another team.

One team that has been mentioned is the Golden State Warriors. It appears that the Dubs inquired and tried to see if they could get the 20-time All-Star to the Bay Area – something that was reportedly not to leak out per ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne when she appeared on The Lowe Post podcast.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers [photo credit; @kingjames Instagram]
LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers [photo credit; @kingjames Instagram]

Claims of James possibly headed to the Warriors was first reported by her and Adrian Wojnarowski via ESPN.

Dubs in desperation mode?

Considering the plight of the Lakers and the Warriors, it would have made sense. James is at the delicate point of his career and teaming up with Stephen Curry would have raised the Dubs’ chances of winning another Larry O’Brien trophy.

Ironically, Curry weighed in on that report, terming as something like just probably calling to just see. However, the 2-time NBA MVP added that he was clueless on depth of the conversations.

“Obviously, a guy like Bron, you would probably call just to see. I don’t know what the depths of the conversations were, but it was a nice little surprise this morning for sure,” Curry stated.

Ex-Lakers guard brushes of James to Warriors talk

One person who believes that James will stay put in Hollywood is former Lakers guard Gary Payton. “The Glove” feels that 4-time NBA MVP is already in a good place and adds that LA is Bron’s last stop when he spoke to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports.

“I don’t think that gonna happen. LeBron is not going anywhere. LA is his city right now, his town. Kobe…is really Kobe’s city. But LeBron is taking over now. I don’t think that would have ever happened. It would have been probably a suggestion,” the 2006 NBA champion guard explained.

However, the 9-time All-Star added that James could have just put it to rest by saying he is staying put, believing that the Lakers will be the 4-time NBA champion’s last stop.

“LeBron did what he want, he supposed to, say ‘I’m staying where I’m at. He been traveling too many times, been to Cleveland, he been to Miami, went back to Cleveland. This is his last stop man,” Payton added.

Payton is no fan of ‘team-ups’

The 2nd overall pick of the 1990 NBA Draft was also asked for his take on the “team-ups” that have been happening as of late in the NBA. Although he was part of one back in 2003 when he joined Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Karl Malone, Payton admit that he is not a fan of such practices.

“It sits different with me. That teaming up stuff and all that crap,” Payton rued.

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