Warriors: Pascal Siakam Trade Could Help Address Struggles This NBA Season

The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and there are teams likely to pull off trades. Among the teams who could tweak their roster on February 8 are the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors.

For the Warriors, it is no secret that Jonathan Kuminga has aired his displeasure with the Dubs. Just a couple of days ago, the 21-year-old mentioned that he has lost faith in Steve Kerr, The Athletic reported.

The 7th overall pick of the 2021 NBA Draft feels he will not be able to unleash his full potential at the rate he is being used. There have been instances when Kerr opted to sit the 6-foot-7 forward, a move that has not sat well with Kuminga.

Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors [photo credit: Pascal Siakam Instagram]
Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors [photo credit: Pascal Siakam Instagram]

“The Warriors are a team with a fair amount of drama…[This has left] Steve Kerr shaking his head, saying, ‘I probably the most open-door policy of any NBA coach.’ From what I know about Steve Kerr personally, that’s certainly true,” veteran journalist Roland Lazenby said when he spoke on Sports Bytes Philippines.

“The other thing that sort of makes it mysterious is that Kuminga hadn’t expressed these feelings to anyone. But he is a young fella and as a young fella, you know, I certainly had my share of stupid mistakes,” the 72-year-old said.

Pascal Siakam trade could be a win-win

One player who is believed to be moving soon is Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors. It is no secret that the Raptors are rebuilding and are looking for young blood. Kuminga could be fit and get the proper exposure that he believes he sorely deserves.

“Toronto has shown its willingness to trade, to make deals. Pascal Siakam seems to be next up in the tube. There’s a difficulty in trading him now and that his contract is expiring. A team that would trade for him now would have to deal with that or perhaps make a deal. Others would sort of sit back to see what’s going on because they could get him later in the summer once his contract expires,” Lazenby added.

Given that scenario, the Warriors could take the chance. However, they may need to give up some players to make salaries match. Andrew Wiggins or Chris Paul may have to be included in the trade package per Paul George when he spoke on Podcast P with Paul George.

“I thought about it, and I was like, ‘That’s a win for both sides.’ Like, obviously, Golden State would have to add more just from a contract [salaries] meeting up,” the 8-time All-Star said.

However, seeing how CP3 is injured and a player who has fit in nicely with the Dubs this season with top stars such as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green struggling, Wiggins would be the logical choice.

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