Warriors: Draymond Green Reinstatement Good For Dubs; What About The NBA?

The Golden State Warriors got some good news following reports that Draymond Green has been reinstated per sources. However, the quick turnaround is seen as a gamble by many – especially if another violent outburst from the 4-time All-Star happens.

The suspension, which started last December 14 resulted in Green missing 12 games. It was revealed in a statement by the NBA that Green followed the steps and demonstrated his commitment to conforming his conduct to the standards expected of NBA players.

With the 33-year-old adhering to the requirements set forth by the league, does it follow that Draymond Green is now a changed man? The answer to that remains to be seen and could happen as early as Sunday, January 7, when Golden State players the Toronto Raptors.

The Dubs need all the help they can get right now. Klay Thompson continues to struggle, someone who also claims that he will be changing his ways after a run of negativity.

Chris Paul is expected to miss time as well. He is set to undergo surgery for a hand fracture and there is no timeline on when the 12-time All-Star can return to active duty.

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors [photo credit: Draymond Green Instagram]
Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors [photo credit: Draymond Green Instagram]

Will Green truly be a changed man?

Given his history, not many are convinced that the 4-time NBA champion is truly a changed man. It is possible that he did adhere to what the league set forth after a series of unsportsmanlike acts, the last of which was an unprovoked strike on Jusuf Nurkic of the Phoenix Suns.

It is hard to fathom Green not retaliating if he gets hit or just “touched” by other players. Moreover, it will be interesting how the 6-foot-6 forward will react once trash-talking with other players is instigated. He has never been known as the type to take such antics lightly and will normally retaliate – either verbally or physically.

A “Soft” Draymond Green will not help the Dubs

Assuming he puts himself in check, will a softer Green be of any use to head coach Steve Kerr and the Dubs? By saying soft, meaning being less physical.

There are also the intangibles that he has done in the past. This fires up his team but with constraints set, will a different Draymond Green be as helpful to the cause of the Warriors?

Also, what will Green do if notorious players such as Dillon Brooks of the Houston Rockets try to get his goat? The fact that he is being closely monitored will not become a target for other teams to test just how far he can control his temper and mischievous ways.

What happens if Green loses it again?

Assuming that Green did comply with all the requirements to get reinstated, what will the NBA do if Green does another unsportsmanlike act? The only plausible sanction is a ban, the softest of which is being disqualified for the entire 2023-24 season.

This is a possibility especially if the Dubs’ season ends early. Green needs to show how good of a professional he is in this scenario.

The fact that Green has the knack of standing up for his acts even if they are wrong is well-documented. It is a reason why most are having a hard time that he is a changed man.

It will not be an easy road ahead for Green with the spotlight on him. But the better question is, does he even care at all if goes berserk once more?

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