Aboitiz Football Cup set to stage 23rd season

The Aboitiz Football Cup, the Philippines’ longest-running grassroots football tournament under the Aboitiz Group, is gearing up for its 23rd season. The action will unfold at the vibrant Aboitiz Pitch, the largest multi-sports artificial turf in Luzon, nestled within the expansive and thriving LIMA Estate.

LIMA Estate, a renowned mixed-use development by Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates, is celebrated for its vast green spaces, inviting climate, and a thriving work environment that fosters a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Located at the heart of Batangas, LIMA Estate has undergone a remarkable transformation. It has evolved from its industrial roots into a vibrant community deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Batangueños, offering an array of activities that underscore LIMA Estate’s commitment to promoting active and healthy lifestyles while simultaneously nurturing community development.

The Aboitiz Football Cup: More Than Just a Tournament

The Aboitiz Football Cup serves as a prime example of this remarkable transformation. While it attracts local football enthusiasts, at its core, it caters to people of all ages, offering a valuable opportunity for individuals to connect and enjoy meaningful moments together. This tournament is just one facet of the diverse spectrum of experiences that the estate offers, ranging from outlet shops, numerous restaurants, a pet playground, biking paths, to even a go-kart area, all designed to enhance the enjoyment of its visitors.

This year, AIC Economic Estates has announced the addition of a youth CALABARZON division, expanding the presence of participating football teams from Metro Manila and Region IV-A. The seven-a-side football festival is scheduled to kick off on November 11, 2023, and will run through December 9, 2023.

Organized by RSA1 Sports Group and LIMA Estate, the tournament is dedicated to empowering the next generation of athletes in CALABARZON by providing them with the exposure and opportunities they need through training and competition.

“As LIMA Estate hosts its fourth Aboitiz Football Cup this year, we take pride in being part of a broader mission to enhance communities, improve well-being, and enrich lives through the power of sports. This tournament is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of community building and youth empowerment,” Clifford Academia, Vice President for Operations at LIMA Estate, said.

The upcoming Aboitiz Football Cup will feature an extensive range of age categories, totaling 13 divisions, from the U7s up to the Open and Veterans category, providing even more opportunities for budding football talents. This year’s edition of the tournament will see an increased participation of younger players from CALABARZON. Matches are set to take place every Saturday.

To further nurture the potential of the players and enhance their skills and capabilities, LIMA Estate has partnered with the Philippine Football Federation and Football Lipa to establish a comprehensive referee coaching and tournament management program. The coaches from the Football Lipa Academy will lead an eight-day football clinic for community kids from Lipa-Malvar, offering them a unique opportunity to develop their football skills through hands-on training and practice sessions. This clinic allows children to play alongside accomplished football players.

In addition to these programs, there will be an introduction to football events management led by seasoned experts such as Edwin Alobin, Tournament Director from the Rizal Football Association, and Rely San Agustin, President of RSA1 Sports Group. This initiative will impart essential knowledge to young athletes and sports educators on how to effectively organize a football event or tournament, adding another dimension to their skill set.

As the Aboitiz Football Cup marks its 23rd season, it extends its mission beyond the game. The tournament’s focus is on empowering the next generation of athletes and creating vibrant, healthy communities that nurture dreams and strengthen community bonds through the power of sports. This holistic approach reinforces LIMA Estate’s position as a multifaceted hub, seamlessly integrating industry, leisure, and community-building into one thriving entity.

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