Colorado Buffaloes: Coach Deion Sanders Gets Real On Buffs Performance Against Cardinal

Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]
Deion Sanders [photo from @CoachPrime Instagram]

The Colorado Buffaloes were favored to prevail over Stanford Cardinal on Saturday, October 14, but instead suffered a shocking 46-43 loss in double overtime.

The surprise loss has left most befuddled, especially Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders.

“This 1 hurt for so many reasons. Regardless of u feel you’ve got to be consistent with who u are , what u are, why u are that and how u are. Consistency Wins in the end. I love all of @cubuffsfootball fans & supporters to Life and I appreciate the rest of y’all good or bad. God bless you all. #CoachPrime,”Coach Prime said on his Instagram.

There was however something different in the Buffaloes vs Stanford game, CNN reported.

Compared to their past games, the Buffs were leading since kick-off. However, Colorado blew a 29-point lead, sputtering in the final 30 minutes against the 12.5 underdog Cardinal.

The performance understandably got Sanders upset, CNNreported. Frustrated at the effort of his Colorado Buffaloes, he threw a curious question to his boys.

“They gotta make up their mind, are they in love with this game or like it,” the 56-year-old rued via “When you love something, you give to it unconditionally. You give everything you got to it. But when you like it, that’s just a button you push.”

The Buffaloes are expected to try and figure out what went wrong against Stanford Cardinal. Their next game will be on October 28 against the UCLA Bruins.

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