PVL: Akari fielding in second team in Nxled Chameleons

There will be a new team that will light up the Premier Volleyball League starting in the third conference later this year.

Nxled has committed to forming a team in the country’s only professional volleyball league.

Nxled will be the second team of Akari Lighting & Technology Corporation in the PVL.

Creating a second team is important for Akari, as it will not only provide the company with added marketing exposure but also aligns with its vision of supporting Philippine volleyball.

Nxled Chameleons logo [PVL release]
Nxled Chameleons logo [PVL release]

“Of course, the obvious reason that we are forming Nxled is because we want to market the brand,” said Russell Balbacal, Akari Sports Director. “The PVL has proven to be a strong platform for brands to promote their products.

“More importantly, Akari has been a staunch supporter of Philippine volleyball for the past few years. Having a second team will help provide more jobs for players and coaches alike.”

Nxled will carry the moniker Chameleons.

Just like a chameleon, Nxled, which specializes in luxury lighting, offers accent lights that adjust to any household.

Evolving and adjusting to every style of the game is what Balbacal envisions as the identity of Nxled in the PVL.

“We are envisioning the Nxled Chameleons to be a team that will easily adjust to any opponent they face in the PVL,” said Balbacal.

“We are committed to forming a very competitive team in this new endeavor of ours because this is not just a one-shot deal. We are guaranteeing to the PVL and fans alike that this team will be in the league for the long term.”

The team will soon announce the coaching staff and team composition of the Nxled Chameleons

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