NGAP election tries to resolve NOMELEC moves

The National Golf Association of the Philippines (NGAP) was set to hold its elections at the Alabang Country Club on Friday, April 5.

Whether or not incumbent president Martin Lorenzo gets a fresh term, the Nomination and Election Committee (NOMELEC) already tainted this election with questions like the disenfranchisement of many club members hoping to cast votes during the proceedings.

Reasons why the integrity of not just the federation, more importantly, the people in the forefront like Lorenzo are at stake.

The election was originally set for February 24, 2023. But for unknown reasons, the current leadership did not call for an election. No explanation to this delay has been given as of this writing.

It was only when Iloilo Golf and Country Club asked the NGAP to hold the long delayed poll in a letter to the federation last December 20, 2023.

Rodolfo Soriano also filed a complaint to the NGAP against the NOMELEC following the denial of his nomination for board director as nominee of Tagaytay Highlands – allegedly on the ground that it was submitted after a specified deadline.

Through his legal counsel Atty. Jan Freeman Villegas, wrote the complaint letter dated March 6, 2024, addressed to Lorenzo and NGAP chairman Aurelio Montinola III as he questioned the manner of the NOMELEC acted on denying his nomination.

Atty. Avelino Sumagui was the appointed chairman of the NOMELEC by the NGAP.

Five others were also denied their respective nominations hoping to run for board positions from where the officers will be elected, while the NOMELEC approved all the nominations of the 11 directors identified with Lorenzo.

There were also allegations that the NOMELEC will not accept the proxy votes.

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